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Even though I dont talk a lot of the 135 of you who follow this blog, I love you.

Glenn, Go to Terminus by VxSapphire

New Work =) 1.5 hours of messily scribbling!

Lizze Samuels by VxSapphire

Painted this today, took about 3-4 hours overall. (Started yesterday with breaks in between.) Was very fun to do!

I miss you so fucking much Arya.

I wish I had your cute little face to come home to tonight.

A drawing I did in Engliah while waiting for the professor. I might paint this =) #spw

Hello Kitty cocktail!!! #hellokitty #cocktail #yummy

Im bored at work so I drew #mileycyris #billyraycyrus

Hello Love

I decided to draw a severed head that was n my dream last night. The flowers I drew on it aren’t as pretty as the ones in the dream, but they were only on half of her head.  This was fun to paint.

Short Transition gif of this Quistis Painting =)

Perhaps, They’re right… by VxSapphire

Quistis! I was playing FF8 on my PS3 and thought of this scene when Quistis finished Squall’s sentence on the boat to Dollet for their SeeD mission.