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K’s Ranger in GW2 =) Fun and Painful to paint. Fun because I test drove the painting method of middle tone first, then adding shadows and highlights, as opposed to doing dark to light. I like the outcome.

He better too.

Or I’ll charge him.

Thank. You.

Just watched this episode to day. When I say I almost DIED from laughter I’m fucking serious. I started choking on my lunch as soon as Abbi started rolling away after being asked if she was a mom, then AGAIN when Llana, while getting it on with Lincoln, was trying to reach for her and she kept rolling away.

I must thank my coworker forever for introducing me to this incredible masterpiece.

flirting: j&k style


a true hero

If it was Puppies of Westport, I stand behind this fucking woman so hard you have no idea. That place is terrible and disgusting.

Part of the sketch for K’s Ranger that I’m doing now =)

Annnnd I took a 1 hour and 10 minute lunch…Welp o.o

Lady mintibee tagged me the other day so I killed time at work and did this.

Uhhh, I tag:

seathong stupickles byazzie

1. Your name. 2. Your blog name. 3. Your blog title. 4. Favorite color. 5. Current desktop pic. 6. CAPSLOCK SOMETHING. 7. Favorite band. 8. Fave number. 9. Favorite drink



♡ the person you would take a bullet for is behind the trigger ♡

The fuck does that quote mean
And what does it have to do with cutting wrapping paper
I ain’t gonna get shot by my fucking mum

1999 vs 2014

Pepper and Carrot - Imgur

My new favorite comic, this is too fucking adorable!